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updated on 5 Aug 2016
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The Fortune magazine's latest list of 500 top companies in the world is out and seven Indian companies have managed to make the cut this time around, including the surprise entry of Rajesh Exports.

The list includes four public sector heavyweights, namely IOC (highest ranked Indian company), Hindustan Petroleum, State Bank of India and Bharat Petroleum. From the private sector, there is Reliance Industries, Tata Motors and Rajesh Exports.

These companies are the world's company, which have put in immense efforts to become the behemoth that they are today.

Tata Motors: Ranked 226th by Fortune magazine, the firm has had an excellent year driven primarily by the stunning performance of Jaguar Land Rover and optimism on the Street is high with the stock hitting its 52-week high this month.

State Bank of India: The largest public sector lender in the country has had a lot to deal with this past year. Seeing its profit drop for two consecutive quarters and fighting a battle against bad loans requires its share of energy.

Rajesh Exports: Perhaps not many people's choice to be a Fortune500 company at the beginning of the year, but those tracking the stock over the past year know how the company has risen by leaps and bounds.

Rajesh Exports is the owner of the world's largest gold mine, which it acquired from Valcambi for $400 million last year. The stock has grown close to 300 per cent in the past five years although its return this year has been dismal, down 34 per cent.

Investors focusing on earnings won't be disappointed given its 20 per cent rise in net profit and 191 per cent jump in sales at Rs 55,928 crore which enabled it to become a Fortune 500 company. Its order book was a whopping Rs 34,560 crore at end of March 2016.

HPCL, BPCL, IOC: The exponential jump in global crude oil prices plus the marketing freedom provided by the government is seen to be aiding the oil marketing companies going ahead.