10 stocks doubled when we were celebrating Diwali
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updated on 10 Nov 2016
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Some of us took a holiday to celebrate Dussehra and Diwali, while some others made money in this pack of stocks, whose share prices doubled during this festive month.

The following are group of midcap and smallcap stocks created wealth for investors through the festive season, as their stock prices doubled between October 2 and November 2, 2016.

Beardsell soared - The share price of Beardsell soared the most, by 149 per cent to Rs 564.85 on November 2 from Rs 226.65 on October 3. The company is a diversified group engaged in the manufacturing of different industrial products serving various customer segments.

Besides the above movers, 97 other stocks on BSE soared over 50 per cent during this period. The list includes stocks such as KCM Sugar Mills (up 99.47 per cent), LML (up 95.05 per cent), Cals Refineries (up 88.89 per cent), SRS Finance (up 77.39 per cent), Raj Oil Mills (up 72.46 per cent) and REI Six Ten (up 63.16 per cent), JK Paper (up 50.23 per cent).

The benchmark BSE Sensex and BSE Midcap index slipped 2.54 per cent and 2.14 per cent, respectively, during this period. The BSE Smallcap index soared 1.41 per cent between October 3 and November 2.

On the other hand, 941 stocks eroded investor wealth on BSE and slipped up to 57 per cent in last one month. Stocks such as Oriental Veneer, Fraser & Co, Radhika Jewel, Synergy Bizcon and Krishna Fabrics slipped 56.81 per cent, 47.14 per cent, 46.56 per cent, 44.67 per cent and 44.31 per cent during this period.