How to get profit in Nifty trading on daily basis?
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The following steps show how to get profit in Nifty future trading and also how to calculate brokerage and taxes.

The amount required to trade in one lot of Nifty future derivative is Rs.70,000 (approx) and in one lot there are 75 quantities of Nifty.

Every contract has expiry period and comes with 3 expiry dates like - current month expiry, next month expiry and far month expiry.
Last Thursday of every month the current month contract derivative gets expired.

This strategy can be also applied to Stock derivative contract. If you interested to know more about it then you can write to us at
Now let see how to get profit by trading in Nifty contact derivative.

Please note brokerage applied for future derivative trading is intraday brokerage and we have tie up with reputed broker who offers flat Rs 20 brokerage for buy and Rs 20 for selling and this is the best brokerage compared to other rates. For more information please visit at Account opening page - 

Secondly in any future derivative contract you can do two way trading means - If you are expecting the price to go up then you can buy and then sell and contradictory if you are expecting the price to go down then you can sell first (called as short selling) and then buy after the price goes down.

As mentioned in first paragraph, one lot of Nifty consists of 75 quantities of Nifty.
We believe and suggest in small profits.
So if trader plans to take only 10 points as profit for one lot of Nifty then profit comes to Rs 750 (Rs 10 x 75 quantity).
And if you see Nifty movement on daily basis then it is very easy to take 10 points as profit.

So let’s assume you got profit of Rs 750 by taking only 10 points profit.

Let’s see how to calculate brokerage and taxes and find out net profit from Rs 750
Brokerage calculation.
Rs 20 for buying and Rs 20 for selling, so total brokerage come to Rs 40

Taxes calculation on Buying Amount (this amount is paid to Government)
In addition to brokerage, the trader has to pay the taxes to Government

1.ST - Service Tax = 15% - and it is applicable only on brokerage.

The brokerage is Rs 40 so the ST comes to Rs 6

2.STT - Security Transaction Cost  is 0.01% only on selling amount
So let’s consider you bought one lot of Nifty derivative contract at 8590 and sold at 8600 taking only 10 points as profit.
One lot of Nifty consist of 75 quantities so the selling amount comes to Rs 645000 (8600 x 75)
STT comes to Rs 64.5

3.Stamp Duty - 0.002% on turnover.
Turnover is the total transaction value and it comes to your buying amount is Rs 644250 (8590 x 75) and selling amount is Rs 645000 (8600 x 75). So the total turnover amount comes to Rs 644250 +  Rs 645000 = 1289250
Stamp duty comes to Rs 25.78
Total amount to pay in terms of taxes comes to
Rs 6 + Rs 64.5 + Rs 25.78 + Rs 2.57 = Rs 98.85

Your net profit is  - Gross profit - your brokerage and taxes
Net profit comes to Rs 750 - 40 - 98.85 = Rs 611

Profit generated through one Nifty contract is Rs 611.
Important Notes :-
1. If you buy two lots then your profit will be doubled.

2. The main criteria is look for low brokerage rates. In our above example the brokerage is Flat Rs 20 for buying and selling. So look for low brokerage broker. You can visit account opening section if you are looking to pay flat Rs 20 as brokerage

3. The taxes used were the latest at the time of writing this article. For latest taxes please contact us or your broker.

4.If you are certain about nifty direction then you can make big profits. For example from Mar 2016 to Aug 2016 - Nifty has moved from 7200 to 8700 so it comes to around 1500 points and that comes to around 200 points each month.
So we suggest instead of doing intraday trading or day trading we suggest holding it for one or two day to get big profits but it is possible only if you can understand the markets both locally and internationally. Because during this phase, international markets like US and other Asian markets have also moved up.
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4.SEBI Turnover Tax - 0.0002% on turnover
Turnover is the total transaction value and it comes to your buying amount is Rs 644250 (8590 x 75) and selling amount is Rs 645000 (8600 x 75). So the total turnover amount comes to Rs 644250 +  Rs 645000 = 1289250
SEBI Turnover Tax comes to Rs 2.57