Difference between Trader and Investor
What is difference between trader and Investor?
Ask following two questions to yourself and you will get the answers automatically.

1.Do you want to take high risk or low risk?
2.Do you have time on daily basis to sit in front of stock market to monitor the prices?
Read below explanation for your choices

If you decided to take high risk and have lots of time

If you want to take high risk and have lots of time to sit in front of the stock market to monitor the stock prices then you can go for short term trading. Day trading or buy today or sell tomorrow or buy today and sell after few weeks etc. these all comes under trading (and not investing) and also called as short term trading.

Returns in short term trading -
Returns (profits) are not sure. You may get high returns or low returns or some time you may end up into loss especially in day trading or future trading.

Please note - Returns in stock markets are not guaranteed.
Note - History of stock market shows that investing for long term in solid fundamental stocks provides very low risk and high returns.

Do you want to become trader or investor?

Whenever any new person comes to stock market automatically two questions comes into picture.
1.One is where to invest and
2.Second is how long to invest and how to get best returns.

But after going through following paragraphs you may be in better position to take best decision.
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Stock Market Indian
Stock Market Indian
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Look for short term returns
Look for long term returns.
Traders can be day trader or from few
days to few weeks
Investors can be few years to several
Traders do short term trading based
ov technical indicators, charts, news
Investor do fundamental analysis and
invest in good growth and value stocks
for long term.
Trading based on day trading or short
term, involves heavy risk.
Investing for long term and that also
based on solid fundamental will have
very low risk.
Need to watch/moniter stock market
prices on day to day basics, so that
you can square off your stocks.
No need to watch market on daily
basis. As you have invested for long
Most of the traders may land up into
panic during market fall and do wrong
Most of the investors don't worry for
daily ups and downs.
But infact if market falls heavily then
wise investors buy value stocks at
bottom price.

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