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Stocks to Watch Tomorrow for Intraday
Important golden rules for day trader to be successful

1. We strongly advice to do paper trading before start trading with your actual money. New comers to share market and day trading should take very precaution and should not start with day trading directly.

2. Due to market uncertainty and volatility and also as markets are highly influenced by lots of external factors it is strongly advised to book profits wherever applicable or take stop loss and come out of trade if it is looking that the stock price is not moving in required direction.

3. Initially don’t use margin amount provided by broker for day trading. Once you get lots of experience then you can use margin amount. Trade only with the money available with you so that if the trade goes wrong you can take delivery of those stocks and sell later when the price goes up instead of bearing loss.
This type of trade is only possible if you have bought shares and not possible for short sell trade.

4. Day trading price movement is totally based on news and events, so be in touch with them. So instead of trading blindly on any techniques it is highly recommended and advised to keep yourself in touch with the market 's news and updates.

5. Please follow strategy called  “Take small profits and do multiple trades”.
Gainers with Huge Volumes
1. This page updates daily, after closing market
2. Shares gained in price with huge support of volumes in last 5 days.
3. These stocks can be used for next trading day.
Losers with Huge Volumes
1. This page updates daily, after closing market
2. Shares lost in price with huge support of volumes in last 5 days.
3. These stocks can be used for next trading day.
This page updates daily after market closing; till 06.00 pm